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Pink Salt

Salt Sanctuary

Relax and revive in our state of the art Salt Sanctuary.

This is unlike other salt rooms you may have experienced before.

When you enter the sanctuary you will notice the floor is covered

with salt crystals for you to explore, as well as the walls being lined with illuminated salt bricks.

It is our halogenerator that sets us apart from others. According to the Salt Therapy Association, benefits from halotherapy cannot happen without the halogenerator.


Halotherapy Benefits


Allow the salt saturated air to flow over your body. It has been said to be a natural way to hydrate the skin, leaving you feeling smoother and less splotchy.


Studies show that halotherapy has a positive effect on local metabolic processes, normalizing serotonin output. that means a happier, less stressed you.


Breathe in the salt particles and feel your lungs relax. Salt therapy appears to thin mucus allowing you to breath easier.

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